Growing pains of starting a farm. Fishing and other topics  

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As a father, husband, farmer, graphic designer, and a web designer, this site holds a deep personal meaning for me. Proudly hailing from Arizona, I embrace conservative/libertarian values, and yes, spirituality might find its way into our discussions. I believe it’s essential to address these topics as much as we share the best fishing practices and locations in our beautiful state.

Excitingly, there’s a new chapter on the horizon for my wife and me. We’ve decided to embark on a thrilling journey as we move to Montana to pursue our dream of starting a farm. This adventure is close to our hearts, and we’re eager to share our experiences, challenges, and triumphs as we build our dream farm from the ground up. Our focus on family, values, and meaningful discussions remains unwavering, even as we dive into this new endeavor.

While I’m no expert on any subject, when I speak, you can trust it’s either backed by knowledge or infused with a little fun and camaraderie. Below, you’ll find the topics I’ll be posting about, prioritized and organized by frequency. Let’s come together and make this journey a memorable one as we explore life, faith, fishing, and farming in our beloved Montana! ~ Clint Dehner

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From no-till gardening in rural Arizona to building our farm located in Northern Montana.


Arizona fishing was awesome. The plan is to take better notes when we move to Montana. Fishing in MT, ID, and Washinton. 


I’ll touch on that range from spirituality to being the man your family needs and touchy subjects that involve the government. 

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