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Where to start...quick bio on how this idea of moving from one of the hottest states in the country to probably one of the coldest.

Where to start…quick bio on how this idea of moving from one of the hottest states in the country to probably one of the coldest.

I’ve lived in many different states and only one felt like it had the real potential of giving that “I’m home” feeling. That was Oregon back in the early 2000’s before most of the bad Californian’s flooded up there. It was beautiful and I’ve always loved being close to nature. My nomadic journey of life started in Clovis, Ca.(right outside of Fresno, Ca.) it was a great place to be raised it was a little small and had that western town type feel to it when being raised. My Mother worked at Fresno State University which is very Ag driven school. Which I always was fond of. From Clovis down to San Diego then moved up to Portland, Or. which is when it felt the most like home. Then back down to San Diego back up to Portland which at that point was not fun to be there. Then from Portland to Maricopa Az, which WAS a small town 45 minutes outside of Phoenix. This town has grown way past its complicity, most of the population is a bunch of low lives. Which as just killed the want to be here any longer. We bought our first house in this town and our second, but the home feeling for me has never caught on.

Backyard gardening really started when we moved to Maricopa. First house (rental) we had chickens and a two small raised bed. Second house this one we bought. The backyard was HUGE for a home in this area. I got rid of the raised beds and went the back to eden type of gardening. Four rows four foot wide and twenty eight feet long. I loved this garden, this was the garden that really started my love for horticulture.

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