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Over Prepping Per Usual

As we prepare to move into our new home in the coming weeks, I’m focused on setting up our beds in time for a spring harvest. To ensure everything is meticulously planned, I took the initiative to create a 3D rendering of our upcoming raised beds, which will be crafted from 4×6 lumber. After comparing the costs between that and using 2×12 lumber, with only a marginal $80.00 difference, I opted to stick with the original plan using the 4x6s, eliminating the need for screws.

To secure the beds, I’ll be vertically drilling holes into the 4-inch sides and driving 2-foot rebar through the wood into the ground – a straightforward approach, given my trusty BFH (Big Fuckin’ Hammer). My precision is key, and I’ll be using a laser leveler to ensure absolute accuracy.

Having these measurements at hand, I’ve determined the amount of compost required to fill the bed’s unique L shape. It calculates to 18 feet to one corner and the same to the other end, subtracting 4 feet due to already used square footage in the corner. With a depth of one foot, this amounts to 4.8 square yards, but to be safe, I’ll order 6 yards from my local worm farm, Arizona Worm Farm. While the recommended Mel Mix involves compost, vermiculite, and peat moss, I’ll stick with the compost that’s worked so well for me in the past. After all, why fix what isn’t broken?

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