Could / Should the United States do blue zones?

Discover the transformative power of local food systems in our latest article. Uncover how choosing locally-sourced meals nourishes more than just our bodies—it strengthens communities, supports sustainability, and fosters a deeper connection with the land. Join us in exploring the impact of local agriculture on health, economy, and environmental stewardship, and learn how you can be part of this vital movement towards a healthier, more interconnected world.

The Return to Roots: Why Local Farming Matters More Than Ever

Diving deep into the age-old practice of buying food from your backyard. Why? Because it’s better for everyone. Say goodbye to those overly-preserved veggies and let’s make our farmers the real MVPs. Support local, eat fresher. 🌽🥕 #GoLocal

Getting Started.

Where to start…quick bio on how this idea of moving from one of the hottest states in the country to probably one of the coldest.

A New Fall

Just got done getting our beds ready for the fall season.  Cleared out the beds of all the plants that won’t last after the summer heat. I added 2 inches of the raised bed mix from Arizona Worm Farm and sowed the first crop. Lettuce! I did 6 rows spacing them about 9″ apart and […]